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Academic Calendar

View the Concurrent Enrollment Academic Calendar. Please note: many dates are different from the UT Academic Calendar.

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Links to our CE application page and includes links for forgotten username or password.

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Links to the registration page. Students can register themselves for high school CE courses and can view courses available on the UT campus, online, or at branch campus locations.

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Links to the tuition page where instructions are listed to pay either online, in-person, or via mail. Please check the academic calendar for tuition due dates.

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Popular UT Campus Courses

Courses offered on the UT Campus during times that work well with high school schedules. This is not a complete list of CE courses offered on the college campus, but does list all CE courses during the 8:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, and 1:30pm time slots.

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Search All UT

Searches all UT Campus courses by specific class or time slot (found under the “Advanced” setting). This search includes online courses offered through Utah Tech.

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Utah Tech Online Courses

Lists all online CE courses offered directly through Utah Tech for this semester.

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CE Options for High School Graduation Requirements

View high school graduation requirements and possible CE alternatives.

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Placement Requirements

Lists the prerequisites and placement requirements for CE courses. If a student has fulfilled the requirements and gets a “prerequisite” error while trying to register, it’s likely that Utah Tech doesn’t have record of the prereq.

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Testing Instructions

Teacher Requirements

Lists gold, silver, and bronze requirements for high school teachers to be approved to teach CE courses.

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Course Descriptions

Lists all CE courses offered through Utah Tech and course descriptions.

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For information on all certificates offered through the CE program. It’s recommended that students interested in participating in a certificate reach out to our office to finalize scheduling.

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Degrees and Programs

Lists all degrees and programs offered through Utah Tech. Reference for requirements for a specific degree’s requirements.

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What does the application and registration process look like?

Students will need to complete both the application and registration process for Utah Tech University. The application must be done 24-48 hours prior to registration. The first time a student completes the application, they will receive an email from UT with their Digital ID number and instructions to get their MyUT account set-up.

Once students have completed their application, they are able to register for courses. Students can take courses either on their high school campus or at Utah Tech University on our main campus, at an education center, or online.

For courses at the high schools:

  • Students can complete the registration process through their MyUT account. Click here for steps on how to register for courses at your high school campus.

For courses on UT campus:

  • Students need to complete the UT Concurrent Enrollment Campus Course Form and a member of the CE team register them.
  • Students may also reach out to our office for help getting registered.
    • Students will need to send us their Digital ID number and the CRN(s) for the course(s) they would like to take, which can be found here.

See our website for instructional video

How do concurrent enrollment courses apply to high school graduation requirements?

General education courses (required by UT for associate and bachelor degrees) overlap with many of the high school graduation requirements. For example, a student may take an ENGL 1010 course (required by UT) and also have that course count towards their Language Arts 12 required by the high school. Each CE course has a high school equivalent, whether it be as a core requirement or an elective. To see exactly how CE courses fulfill high school requirements, students and counselors can look at the CE Master List.

View the Concurrent Enrollment Master List

A student is trying to apply for concurrent enrollment, but their application is not going through. What do they do?

Generally students run into problems with the state application when the information they’re submitting on the application does not match what the state has on file for the students. Either their personal information is entered incorrectly (it must match exactly what is on their transcript), or their high school information is not up-to-date on the state’s side. Newly transferred students will need to use the application found on a Counselor Resources page.

Visit the Counselor Resources Page

What courses are available to CE students?

Utah Tech University currently has over 100 courses available to students through the concurrent enrollment program. Students can take courses at their high school, on UT main or branch campuses, and even online.

For students wanting to take courses on UT main campus, we recommend looking-up courses.




Class Options

When and how can middle school students start preparing to take concurrent enrollment courses?

While UT only requires a 3.0 GPA to participate in concurrent enrollment, individual schools may set a higher standard to ensure students are successful.

Example: Some middle schools look specifically at the student’s grade in their 8th grade computer class to determine eligibility for CIS 1200 (Business Office Specialist) in the 9th grade. One high school requires a minimum GPA of 3.5 in order to take CE classes on their campus. Dual immersion students need to work hard from the very beginning of their program so they will be competent to pass the AP exam in 9th grade—opening the door to 3000 level college level courses during 10th, 11th & 12th grade.

If students are interested in STEM fields they should plan to take:

  • Honors Biology in 9th grade to prepare them for BIOL 1610/15 in 10th grade. We recommend saving chemistry or physics for a later year after they have had more math. We do not recommend 1010 science classes for STEM students.

And one of the following:

  • Sec. Math I in the 8th grade, which would allow them to take MATH 1050 & 1060 during 11th grade at their high school and Calculus I & II their senior year at Utah Tech.
  • Honors Sec. Math 1, 2 & 3 from 9th-11th grade, which would allow them to skip MATH 1050 and take MATH 1080 and Calculus I their senior year at Utah Tech.

Aleks Placement Test Instructions

Who is qualified to teach a concurrent enrollment course?

Counselors with an instructor interested in teaching concurrent enrollment courses should review the current requirements to teach various CE courses. These requirements can be found on our Counselor Resources Page.

Counselor Resources Page

I've recently been approved to teach a concurrent course. What are the steps from here?

Once you been approved to teach a new course, we’ll need to get your Digital ID connected to your class. If they already have a Digital ID, please email it to Stefan ( If you do not have a Digital ID, fill-out this form and send it to Emma.

You should hear from UT’s department for curriculum and resources for you concurrent enrollment course; however, if you have not after a few weeks, please reach out to Emma for specific department contact information.

Digital ID Request Form

Where can I find my CRN?

Instructors are able to view their CRNs on Canvas once classes have been built. If you still need to get access to Canvas, please reach out to your faculty supervisor from UT.

If you are not associated to your course in Canvas yet but still need your CRN, please reach out to Stefan (

Need help with Canvas?

For help navigating and using Utah Tech University’s Learning Management System, Canvas, please click here.

Instructor Quickstart Guide


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