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Spring Semester 2024

Please contact the Concurrent Enrollment Office to register.

*Washington County School District students can also register for online CE courses through Utah Online at register.utahtech.edu.


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Sheila Cannon

Sheila.cannon@utahtech.edu         435.652.7739

Emma Lunceford

emma.lunceford@utahtech.edu    435.879.4251

Kevin Simmons

kevin.simmons@utahtech.edu      435.652.7671


Course Number

Course Name (GE)



Partial Tuition/Fees

ACCT 2010Financial AccountingNone3$15
ART 1010Intro. to ArtNone3$15
ART 1110Drawing and CompositionNone3$15
ART 2060PhotographyNone3$15
BIOL 1010 General BiologyNone3$15 + $74 (Textbook)
BIOL 1015General Biology LabCorequisite BIOL 10101$5
BIOL 1200Human BiologyNone3$15
BIOL 1610Principles of Biology INone3$15
BIOL 2320Human AnatomyCompletion of BIOL 1010, BIOL 1200, or BIOL 1610 recommended. MUST take BIOL 2325 corequisite in-person.3$15
BIOL 2420Human PhysiologyCompletion of BIOL 1010, BIOL 1200, or BIOL 1610 recommended. MUST take BIOL 2425 corequisite in-person.3$15
CHEM 1010Intro. to ChemistryNone3$15
COMM 1020Public speakingNone3$15
COMM 2110Interpersonal CommunicationNone3$15 + $70.95 (Textbook)
CS 1410Advanced Computer programming CS 1400 (Grade C- or higher). 3$15
DANC 1010Dance in CultureNone3$15
DES 1100Intro to Digital DesignNone3$15 + $20
ENGL 1010Intro. to WritingACT/Accuplacer English Score3$15
ENGL 2010Intermediate WritingENGL 1010 or ACT English Score of 28+3$15
FIN 1750Personal FinanceNone3$15
FSHD 1020Scientific Foundations of NutritionNone3$15 + $25 (Fee) + $75 (Textbook)
FSHD 1500Human Dev. LifespanNone3$15
GEO 1010Introduction to GeologyNone. MUST take GEO 1015 corequisite in-person.3$15 + $20 (Fee)
HIST 1700American CivilizationENGL 1010 or ACT/Accuplacer English Score3$14
HLOC 1000Medical TerminologyNone2$10 + $75 (Textbook)
HUM 1010Intro to HumanitiesNone3$15
IXD 1300Web for DesignersNone3$15
MATH 1010Intermediate AlgebraSec.Math 1,2&3 and ACT/ALEKS Math Score4$20 + $35 (Fee) + $59 (Textbook)
MATH 1030Quantitative Reasoning Sec.Math 1,2&3 and ACT/ALEKS Math Score3$15 + $25 (Fee) + $59 (Textbook)
MATH 1040Intro. to StatisticsSec.Math 1,2&3 and ACT/ALEKS Math Score3$15 + $25 (Fee) + $59 (Textbook)
MATH 1050Algebre/Pre-CalcSec.Math 1,2&3 and ACT/ALEKS Math Score or MATH 10104$20 + $25 (Fee) + $85 (Textbook)
MUSC 1010Intro. to MusicNone3$15
PHIL 1120Social EthicsNone3$15
POLS 1100American GovernmentENGL 1010, or ACT/Accuplacer Reading Score3$15
POLS 1100- Live Zoom ClassAmerican Goverment 3$15
SE 1400Web Design FundamentalsNone3$15 + $20 (Fee)
THEA 1013Intro to TheaterNone3$15
SOC 1010Intro. to SociologyNone3 $15


Sheila Cannon

Administrative Specialist

Email: Sheila.Cannon@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7739

Office: North Commons 141E

Stefan Panson

Coordinator, Concurrent Enrollment

Email: stefan.panson@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7673

Office: North Commons 147

Emma Lunceford

Assistant Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Email: Emma.Lunceford@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-879-4251

Office: North Commons 146

Kevin Simmons

Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Email: Kevin.Simmons@utahtech.edu

Phone: 435-652-7671

Fax: (cell) 435-632-2226

Office: North Commons 143