Concurrent Enrollment


To be eligible for concurrent enrollment, the student must:

  • Have a high school GPA of 3.0
  • Be completing course requirements at an approved, state funded, public or charter high school.
    • Be taking at least one class at the resident high school.
    • Have a State Student ID Number (SSID) and Student School District ID Number–all of which can be obtained from the student’s high school guidance counselor.
  • Register for the appropriate number of credits as designated by their high school guidance counselor.
    • Only complete a maximum of 30 concurrent enrollment credit hours in one school year (15 credit hours per semester – fall & spring) in order to receive concurrent enrollment reduced tuition rates. Concurrent enrollment funding does not include the summer term.
    • Remember that college classes are more difficult than high school classes. Students should plan to spend two hours work outside of class for each college credit (example: 3 credit course = 9 hours total per week; 3 in class and 6 out of class).
  • Please request a copy of your high school transcript be sent from your high school registrar or guidance counselor to the Utah Tech University Concurrent Enrollment office.


Utah Tech CE Office

Phone: 435-652-7918
Office: 46 S 1000 E
St. George, UT, 84770

Kevin Simmons

Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Phone: 435-652-7671
Office: North Commons 143

Emma Lunceford

Assistant Director, Concurrent Enrollment

Phone: 435-879-4251
Office: North Commons 136

Chris Gifford

CE Outreach & CTE Director

Phone: 435-652-7912
Office: North Commons 145

Stefan Panson

Coordinator, Concurrent Enrollment

Phone: 435-652-7673
Office: North Commons 147

Kristi Charlton

Academic Community Engagement
Administrative Specialist

Phone: 435-652-7739
Office: North Commons 141