Concurrent Enrollment

General Education Certificate

What Is It?

Every college degree requires you to complete general education courses; usually the first year of college is spent completing these classes. The General Education Certificate offered through DSU’s Concurrent Enrollment program gives you the opportunity to complete all of your college general education courses while you’re still in high school.

Why Should I Do It?

Classes you take for this certificate can fulfill both your high school and college requirements.┬áBecause you are taking college classes while in high school, each college credit will only cost you $5. That’s the equivalent of a $700 scholarship for every class, saving you thousands by completing the General Education Certificate in high school. The General Education Certificate will be recognized by all public universities in the state of Utah, and it will fulfill all general education requirements, too. Most of the general education credits you complete towards the General Education Certificate will be accepted by private universities in Utah as well.


I've finished my GE Certificate. Now what?

Degree in 3

If you complete the General Education Certificate while still in high school, you could earn your bachelor’s degree in just three years. Learn more about our Degree in 3 program to see how you could graduate in just six semesters.

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Concurrent Enrollment Office

North Plaza (NPLZ)

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Education Centers

Chris Gifford

Hurricane & Kanab Center Director

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Hurricane Education Center

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Kanab Center

Phone: 435-644-5821 ext409
Office: 59 E Cowboy Way (West of Main Enterance to High School)

Sarah Strickley

Administrative Assistant Hurricane Education Center

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Administrative Assistant Kanab Center

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